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Dreams, doubts and La La Land

Part of growing up is deciding which dreams to keep chasing. I was thinking about this last night as I watched La La Land. On the heels of it scooping up seven (7!) Golden Globes, I went in prepared to enjoy it. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, musical, banter… what’s not to like? And yes, it was magical.


Ikigai-yay: My gap year adventure

I quit my job to find my ikigai!

A couple of weeks ago, I finished up corporate work and started my ikigai-yay gap year (as I like to call it). For some, this seemed like an out of the blue decision but for me, it was something which had been building for a while. I knew I was extremely lucky in loving the company and the people I worked with, but over time I felt like something was missing. The complete freedom and opportunity to explore my creativity, something I don’t believe I have ever done in an intentional and personal way before. So, supported by my wonderful husband, I took the plunge and decided to have a gap year to find my Ikigai.

Inspiration Photography Stories

Inspiration is right in front of you

 At this precise moment… where am I?

On a train, a bus? Out with friends? Coming home? Can I honestly say that any of those are true, not in the literal sense, but true in the way that really matters?

What is the colour of my seat? What material is it made from? What pattern? Who am I with? Where did they go? What was the last story that they told me, really told and not just through a veneer, a filter, which I liked from only a metre away.


It’s time for the real stuff

While setting up this site, Steph created a placeholder entry for our blog, entitled: ‘last-test-post-then-it’s-time-for-the-real-stuff.’ It’s unlikely she intended for that to be the inspiration for our first blog post, and yet… it sums up why we’re here.

Because it is time for the real stuff.