About us

What you’ll find:

creativity, a few giggles, your two new BFFs (hopefully).

What you won’t find:

boring bits, excuses, crimes against visual arts and/or the English language.


… Oh, you were expecting a description that’s a little less abstract and a little more specific?
(That’s fine – we can do that too!)

Stephanie Charissis

Stephanie Charissis
Creative Director, Graphic Designer & Co-Founder

Steph creates beautiful things: her favourite kind of art is visual storytelling. With a background in Corporate Communications, graphic design and an artist’s eye, she sees possibilities all around and enjoys creatively experimenting with colour, texture and other like minded storytellers.

Sharyn Brady

Sharyn Brady
Writer, Editor & Co-Founder

Sharyn writes short stories and poems and enjoys all things wordy and whimsical. A finalist in the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards – Written Word, her poetry has been selected for the Montreal International Poetry Prize Global Anthology and she is currently working on her first manuscript.”


We have found that some of our best creative work happens when we collaborate: we can take turns being sounding boards, cheer squads and co-creators.

If you’re interested in partnering up on a project or having your work featured on the site, make sure to get in touch.