Maybe you had to be there

If you were here, I would call you out to come see it for yourself.

Because you aren’t here, it’s left to me to put into words all that I felt, just now, when I walked outside and saw how incredibly bright the moon is tonight.

I am aware how unremarkable it sounds, when I try to describe it. As if the wonder is simply that there is a moon, and that it is bright – but I do not know how else I could describe it, for that is it, entire. Illuminated in silhouette – the dark of the sky and the light of the moon.

It could be an illustration in a children’s storybook; whole worlds unfurling in the space between simple syllables.

How would I begin to tell you the way that, as I watch, the moon cloaks itself behind clouds? It disappears behind the trees – a limned curve re-emerging as soon as I walk a few steps further. It reminds me of how we used to play at hide-and-seek, clumsily; hiding behind things that do not completely conceal.

Do you remember what it felt like to consider oneself so wholly invisible, and consequently, invincible? Securely hidden in plain sight, as all the while we thrilled with the possibility of discovery: what it was to hide and be sought.


Writing by Sharyn
Creative by Steph
Font, Fox & Watercolour resources by Nicki Laatz

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