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Inspiration is right in front of you

 At this precise moment… where am I?

On a train, a bus? Out with friends? Coming home? Can I honestly say that any of those are true, not in the literal sense, but true in the way that really matters?

What is the colour of my seat? What material is it made from? What pattern? Who am I with? Where did they go? What was the last story that they told me, really told and not just through a veneer, a filter, which I liked from only a metre away.

Take a moment. No, take more than a moment. Breath deeply. Connect.

Is there beauty here? Something that no one else has seen? Appreciated? Captured? Check out of Instagram, ignore Facebook. Put your phone down.

See the detail, the shapes, the moments. Now pick up your camera and capture them. You said you wanted to be more creative. Now is your chance. Every moment is your chance. Don’t worry about the noise, the low lighting, use it. Make something beautiful. Capture something beautiful. Not another perfectly posed smile, not another produced exposure.

But a moment, a true moment because that is what makes memories. The things that speak close to our hearts. Share that. Like that. Be that. You’re no longer a dreamer, just another follower. You are a doer. You are yourself. Only you can be that.

That’s what you give to the world.

Happiness in boredom

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